The Process

In striving for excellence, Arts Advance takes on an organized process, to visualize a solid plan and to ensure that it is well-executed for the full satisfaction of our clients. We keep track of the progress in making an exceptionally detailed strategy throughout the entire project.

    Project Discussion
    This step is crucial as it allows us to listen closely to your needs and discuss the project brief and what concepts that are available. We will get our hands on the details, concerns, and plan the timeline of the schedule that will be followed closely during the project. This also helps us to brainstorm ideas and understand what your requirements are, and come up with a proposed design.

    Proposed Design
    From all the ideas and preferences discussed in the first phase, we will then plot the most apt floor plans and useful materials such as ‘Mood’ boards to help you have a better visualization. This will be presented for approval.

    Finalization of Design
    With the approval of the layout plans and design concepts, in-depth detail specifications will be added to the presentation with the material boards, color palette and patterns/ textures to project the definite image of the schematic design plan and blueprint.

    Drawings and Materials Selection
This is where the proposed design materializes through the elements, such as the type of fixtures used, bits and pieces for decorations prepared, floor and roof plan, elevation drawings for designs and elaborate details presented. The selected suppliers for specific furniture and furnishing will also provide necessary sketches and design options for the client’s references. Sketches of the floor and ceiling plans, 3D perspectives as well as elevations are also polished for presentation.

    Commencement of Works
The last stage comes after the client’s approval of the design proposal. We execute the plan by different phases and adhere to the project timeline. To ensure a smooth workflow process, we try our best to forecast various potential incidents that could happen so we can strategize and keep a flexible approach in spite of unforeseen circumstances.